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My name is Maria Lapteva, and I work as a freelance translator

I provide written English⇔Russian, German⇒Russian life sciences translations for the following areas:

Laboratory equipment and reagents User manuals for various laboratory equipment: centrifuges, steam sterilizers, measuring & analytical instruments, reagents, test kits, growth media etc. sample1
Pharmaceutics Drug data sheets, pre-clinical and clinical trials, certificates of analysis, patents etc. sample
MedicineScientific and popular papers, patient case records, instructions for test kits etc. sample
Veterinary medicine & animal science Papers on veterinary medicine, animal breeding & livestock management, promotional texts for commercial animal foods and veterinary medicines sample1
Quality control Microbiological & chemical control in food & pharmaceutical industry
Life science, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, zoology etc. Scientific & popular papers sample

  • I have extensive work experience in clinical diagnostics & research and am familiar with these fields.
  • I am promt in communication and providing services.
  • I can work wirh various file formats.
  • Different ways of payment are possible
  • Good Russian language.

Free sample translation upon request (ca. 150 words)

CV (pdf)

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